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IT Professional Services

The following listing of IT professional services have all been provided by DSS Ltd. since its incorporation in 1981; and shows the philosophy behind the service.

Project Leadership

HR is in the business of selecting applicants through sorting them and whittling the ever-increasing number of them in afair manner .To do this large organizational HR is increasingly turning to applicant and candidate gateways that use big data and artificial intelligence techniques to sort, prioritize, and select applicants.The resultant resume race now has the applicantsusing big data and AI to sort, prioritize, and focus their experience to gateway resume parsers.††† I will have my AI parsed submission match your AI parsed gatewayand another brick in the wall occurs.If only team building was about putting pegs in holes and not matching animal chemistry.Projects advance through selected leadership techniques and team chemistry just like most multi-human activities.


IT Architecture

IT architectures are like battle plans.They are excellent until the battle starts and the software gets developed.However, robust architectures do provide the vision and goals where the software shoe horningto make it workis more easily identified then relying on say human memory.


Technical analysis is performed as second nature in most assignments and engagements.It provides the boundaries of business solutions when capturing requirements.Business analysis and technical analysis are sometimes separated; however, unless there is an education need in performing either analysis in depth, then the analysis needs to be tempered with organizational cultural disruption to be downstream useful.


Technical Writing

There are many different kinds of technical writing.Each kind of writing depends on the audience for the end deliverable.Most technical writing does not provide understanding to everyone and as a result has devolved into UX layers between software artifacts.For a selection of technical writing of DSS (excluding client funded documents) visit http://www.dssltd.com/whitepapers.htm


Security, Governance, and Standards

I know and like standards and mostly follow them.So the standards that I follow include:ITIL, COBIT 5, TOGAF, ODATA, CMM, standards of other professional bodies including:ISACA, ACM, Microsoft and PMI.†† There are of course many others that I use when required.I find standards are likemuscle memory .When I run I don t want to have to look at each step and calculate current pace, elevation, footing conditions, knee bend, leg cycle time, air, heart rate, gain and loss since last step, etc.I want to think about the goal and relative position not the steps.Standards become part of every project and/or activity just as to run and race requires making tracks and steps.So I mostly follow them; and try to make conscious decisions when I don t.I even document these decisions in order to make them down stream standards.I find litigation helps in doing this.Of course everyone likes their own standards best.


The following listing is some of the trends in the general software technology area that the company is monitoring.


Data Science

The AML suite of software features is sure sweet. You can take a dataset (or data dump) formatted as a CSV and derive a Web Service that ETLs, evaluates, scores, predicts, and generally massages and extends the original data with or without coding in say SQL, R, and/or Python. This has a wide range of applicability to many real world problems in subject areas such as the environment

API component Assembling

Just started to develop with PowerApp / Flow for Cyber Security; however, found this template for creating new JIRA issues using a mobile PowerApp. Will the desk top ever be the same for all those now working in the field on mobile this and that? All you JIRA administrators - check it out at https://web.powerapps.com and enjoy!  This was more work using Blend and Visual Studio; so am personally enjoying PowerApps.



Client Values

Looking for a client that values commitment to delivery of his/her expectations; that wants system solution deliveries that are both timely and creative; that contributes sweat equity in the agile sprints that marry legacy technology with emerging mobile and cloud based market differentiators; and, has integrity in all their business relationships including their employees, their developers, and their contractors. We offer experience and leadership on a range of technology stacks including Microsoft s .NET and AZURE along with open source CKAN, LINUX, WordPress in both an OPEN DATA space and a secure commercial data space. We also offer experience in ERP systems, security, and functional leadership.


DSS Ltd was founded on June 13, 1981 in Spruce Grove, Alberta, CANADA (near Edmonton, Alberta) to provide information technology consulting to organizations in the successful use of computers and software technologies. Since then, DSS Ltd has conducted over 93 management consulting, training, and software development assignments, and lists large and small, private and public organizations as its North American client base .

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