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PowerApps &amp; JIRA
12:33pm - 17/Aug/2017
Just started to develop with PowerApp for Cyber Security; however, found this template for creating new JIRA issues using a mobile PowerApp. Will the desk top ever be the same for all those now working in the field on mobile this and that? All you JIRA administrators - check it out at and enjoy!  This was more work using Blend and Visual Studio; so am personally enjoying PowerApps.

ONE Platform UWP, ONE Ocean, One World
4:44pm - 10/Feb/2017

One World (   ) is a confederation of airlines that provide a seamless traveler experience to air travel anywhere on space ship Earth. 

Penguin Selection, Resume Parsing AI and Candidate Gateways
8:27pm - 02/Jan/2017

Where are the penguins?  HR is in the business of selecting applicants through sorting them and whittling the ever-increasing number of the them in a ‘fair manner’.  To do this large organizational HR is increasingly turning to applicant and candidate gateways that use big data and artificial intelligence t

Big Data and Set Matching
7:23am - 23/Dec/2016

In reading “Weapons of Math Destruction” by Cathy O’Neil  it becomes apparent there may be issues with the application of big data IT techniques and patterns to business requirements – especially in the area of individual privacy.

JIRA, TFS, Source Safe, et al
3:45pm - 07/Jul/2016

The two of you who read the blog occasionally will remember that I have compared on a regular basis freed masons working in stone and mud with IT contractors working in software.  For example:  use of Easter eggs, keystones, centring, abutments, follies, keep or defense in depth, project indenture, etc.  W