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Microsoft Flow In Office and Dynamics 365
4:26am - 01/09/2018

Heraclitus of Ephesus is quoted as saying ‘Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers’ or roughly translated as you can’t step into the same flow twice. With MS

SEO, Web Sessions, and The Baizing of the Web
4:07am - 01/02/2018

Canada has 3 national carriers that I use and at least 1 Wi-Fi carrier that I use.  Putting Fiddler II and/or Wireshark on my browsing sessions in IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox has shown a trend that may be the undoing of the so called ‘free web’.  As

PowerApps &amp; JIRA
12:33pm - 08/17/2017
Just started to develop with PowerApp for Cyber Security; however, found this template for creating new JIRA issues using a mobile PowerApp. Will the desk top ever be the same for all those now working in the field on mobile this and that? All you JIRA administrators - check it out at and enjoy!  This was more work using Blend and Visual Studio; so am personally enjoying PowerApps.

ONE Platform UWP, ONE Ocean, One World
4:44pm - 02/10/2017

One World (   ) is a confederation of airlines that provide a seamless traveler experience to air travel anywhere on space ship Earth. 

Penguin Selection, Resume Parsing AI and Candidate Gateways
8:27pm - 01/02/2017

Where are the penguins?  HR is in the business of selecting applicants through sorting them and whittling the ever-increasing number of the them in a ‘fair manner’.  To do this large organizational HR is increasingly turning to applicant and candidate gateways that use big data and artificial intelligence t