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Saga 1 Mammoth AZURE Pattern: Client Server
2:08pm - 04/19/2015

Before creating a personal cell phone app that retrieved data from an AZURE hosted SQL SERVER, I had used a bunch of AZURE services for a client.  But the first AZURE pattern for a business solution stack was the client server.  The mobile app was prototyped using Blend and further enhanced using Visual Studio 2013.  The app was quite simplistic – using COBIT 5 like enterprise goals and matching them to IT goals.  The strings could have been simply left on the mobile device; however, it seemed like  good fun to retrieve the goals from an AZURE hosted SQL SERVER.  Remember in a previous blog I had said that it is hard to overestimate the capability of AZURE.  Many project managers in large organizations can take from 3 weeks to 3 months to get a server acquired, installed, and configured to interface with the web to handle even a small structured database.  And this doesn’t include maintaining the server including keeping it patch current.  On AZURE it took one and half minutes including the DNS settings.  (I admit my first time took 20 minutes because I wasn’t sure what I was doing and had to read all the help and options that I was selecting) So the client server pattern was demonstrated on a very simple mobile application with little customization.  This doesn’t mean when doing a bullet proof production business solution that one should use these estimates as gospel; however, when doing an agile/scrum development with this pattern you can start at the end of the first sprint.

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