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Castles, Gargoyles, Easter Eggs & John's Folly
7:38am - 09/22/2014

From a friend I received a pointer to and in particular Refragmentation August 28, 2014.  There is a plea for refragmenting the web in the blog.  This got me to thinking about the following:  "The limits of my world are the limits of my media expression of that world"  - JW with apologies to both Wittgenstein and Marshall McCluhan.  So if your media is stone and castle then you express different than if your media is say the internet?  Let's look at medieval western European castles with their defense in depth using castles with in castles until the 'keep' or final castle defends the crown jewels er last secret.  Let's also consider gargoyles as warnings to fend off attempts at breaching the walls of our castles as another expression in our stone media.  So what are 'Easter eggs' in stone as a media?  Remember software Easter eggs prevalent in most software including the web are expressions of claims of authorship or perhaps Trojans.  Is there an equivalent in stone?  Indeed there is.  In a trip on the Camino in Spain, well known to the locals in Santiago is a row of gargoyles that run perpendicular to a church.  There are about 20 or so gargoyles in a row - fiercely blowing wind or expressing displeasure at those who are not nice.  The workers who created and built these gargoyles where not paid to their satisfaction by the church.  The sixth gargoyle when viewed face on from the square in front of the church instead of looking like the others, shapes to the bum of someone taking a steaming dump.  Now this is an expression in stone from eight hundred years ago that most of us would not of expected yet those of us producing web software may view the equivalent on a daily basis.  So where does John's Folly fit.  Well wealthy lords who built castles quite often had a problem when castles or stone artifacts were complete or even mostly complete.  What were the workers now out of work to do?   To keep the workers occupied and subsequently fed, a folly would be built.  The folly would have limited aspects of say a castle wall with turret but no practical use.  There is a lot of folly in the web as a media. 


So what has this to do with fragmentation of the web?  The web is another media expression with its own directions, lords, castles, gargoyles, Easter eggs, and follies.  In say four internet generations from now it will continue to be fragmented with lords building 'gargantuan' estates and attempting to become kings or deities of other estates.  This is just a play out of the human expression.  Some of my feminism friends say if men had babies a lot of media expression stuff would disappear.

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