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OData, RDF, and O-DF
7:18am - 10/18/2014
"I believe in standards as long as everyone follows my standard"  This blog won't be a detailed analysis of OData, RDF, and O-DF but a generalized approach to viewing these standards.  I once owned a Beta video players, a Lisa 210, and an 8-track stereo.  All bought by technical analysis by 'yours truly'.  However, I think that there are perfectly good reasons for using one standard over another in both particular situations and in over arching concepts.  Post expansion of the internet by the mobility marketplace has shown many ways of comparing say the above communication or data exchange protocols.   In particular: UX, interoperability, and proliferation outside a base ecosystem. By that criteria OData has the 'big mo' or momentum.  RDF I use when the communication layer is suspect and/or the user community is academic. O-DF is easy to use and supported by the Open Group so where architectural structure is a major criteria or I am playing in a particular vendor ecosystem.  But for over arching understanding and for wide interoperability it is hard not to consider and/or use OData.  Along with a lot of  'cool' UX features and richness born of progress through version development OData has a strong foundational base - the ABNF is a thing of beauty.  To me using a subset of OData in a particular data exchange situation will become the norm.  And to me that is the trade off of a rich standard versus sustainability of keeping being a standard.  I look forward to the play out of this in the IT community as I am sure we all follow the HTTP(s) as a standard in just the same way - base modified.
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